Top System is a system of surface drives of variable trim and direction. The Top System Surface Drive is suitable for high performances planing motor boats with a range of performing features that are unequaled until now and that goes from 300 up to 4000 hpTechnical features Fiches techniques.


The integrated Easy Set system connects to the CAN network of the engines and displays all the data allowing automatic control of trim and flap. This extraordinary system allows you to automatically command trim and flap without controlling the attitude.


This is the top-of-the-range system produced by the German company. Thanks to their flexibility and reliability, they are chosen by a large part of Italian shipyards, whether for Motor Yachts from 40′ to 200′, or for commercial and military boats. With the new Marex OS 3D joystick, driving your boat has never been easier! Its high level of software engineering and the integrated compass allow you to drive your boat in a simple and intuitive way.

Model Max torque Input NM Pleasure Max torque Input NM Duty
TS 40 1.400 1.100
TS 45 2.000 1.600
TS/TT 50 1.960 2.800
TS 55 2.600 2.000
TS 65 4.300 3.500
TS 75 7.300 5.500
TS 80 11.000 7.000
TS 85 13.000 9.600
TS 95 17.000 11.000
TS 100 20.500 14.000
TS 120 30.000 24.000
TS 150 41.500 33.000